Transient Design has been a staple of mixing for years and continues to be a must as modern mixing techniques require precise sculpting as multi-band dynamic control allows for greater depth in sounds.

1 – Waves TransX Multi

Our top pick of the bunch, because it seems to do everything and hit in all the right places.  Whether your looking to add punchiness, clicky-ness, or even low mid thump, the Waves Trans X multi-band transient designer seems to excel in all areas of sound shaping. Whether on a buss, or on an individual track this plug never seems to fail. Offered in the package is a non-multi version which also comes in handy, but we seem to always gravitate to the sound from the multi in most cases.

2 – UAD Sonnox Oxford Envolution

New to the scene and already making major waves throughout the mixing community, this plugin is clearly top of the line. Its almost multi but its not, it allows you the ability to choose different frequencies to accentuate between attack and release. This ability can take things to a new lever particularly from a sound design perspective. Creating sounds that have a snappy attack a quick drop followed by an extended release can be accomplished easily with this plugin creating movement within just a single hit. This new gem can really enhance your grooves and change the way you think about transient design.

3 – UAD – SPL Transient Designer

A classic at heart, this plugin has never lost its mojo from the hardware original to now the software version. This particular version for us specializes in mid and low mid sounds as it seems to accentuate in that punchy register on kick drums and toms.

4 – Izotope Alloy 2

Multi band transient shaping at its finest.  Having the ability to specifically dial-in and sculpt the transients for certing frequencies of a sound can prove to be indispensable these days for modern mixing.  When used correctly the ability to make sounds appear as they are jumping from the speakers can be easily achieved with the Izotope Alloy plugin

5 – Plugin Alliance – SPL Transient Designer

Yes you are reading this correctly, we have both SPL transient designer versions on here as we feel they each have their own unique sound with different strengths and accentuate different tones of a sound. For the native version from Plugin Alliance, to our ears, it tends to bring in the attack at a higher frequency adding more of a click at the top of instruments like kicks and percussion from congas to bongos. So in short for mid-high sounds we lean towards SPL native and for mid-low sounds we lean towards the UAD version, but bear in mind these are not hard rules and difference scenarios require different needs & solutions.


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