Techno Subs 2

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100 Cone shaking super low bass loops. From rhythmic to hypnotic melodic, Techno Subs 2 has been designed to enhance the power of your low end. If you tracks sound thin this is the ideal sample pack for you to take your techno and tech house tracks to the next level. Just add a bit of side chain compression to glue your kick and bass to create the perfect rolling grooves.



Techno SUB Bass Loops – 100 sub driven, cabinet shaking, rolling bass grooves for pushing tech tracks.


*Note – It is highly recommended to listen to the audio demo with high quality headphones, speakers or with a sub-woofer to truly feel/hear the low-end of the bass.  This sample pack only contains sub bass loops.


ALL Bass samples are 24 bit wav files @ 125 bpm

100 Loops X 205.4 MBs

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