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50 Presets for the Soundtoys 5 Effect Rack Plugin which contains and allows for all of the sound toys plugins to be linked together and routed in different ways.  This preset pack contains 25 Delay focused presets, 20 Distortion presets, & 5 Vocal FX presets. Known to have what is arguably the best delay plugin on the market in Echoboy, The Soundtoys collection also contains the best virtual distortion units available in the third party plug-in world with Decapitator, with Devil-loc and Radiator being top quality distortion plugs as well.

This preset pack will take your sounds and push them forward, add movement, and depth and more taking mixing and music making to new heights. The Distortion presets are set as such to create a more subtle analog vibe, and the delay presets are designed to create groove space and trippy fx, the trick o take these presets even further is automating certain parameter throughout your record to enhance modern electronic music song writing.



Delays – 25 morphing and rhythmic delay presets which can be added to any element from synths, drums, to vocals.

Distortions – 20 distortion presets to add punch & thickness to kicks, snares, hats, and percussion sounds.

Vocal FX – 5 vocal changing fx presets.


*Please Note: We recommend using Soundtoys version 5.2 with these presets and a few of the presets utilize the new Echoboy Jr. plugin with the Effect Rack Plugin, although presets with echoboy jr. should work correctly. Additionally, this sample pack only contains the Presets for the Soundtoys Effect Rack Plugin, the drums, synths and vocals in the audio demo are from our sample packs After-hours Techno, Deep Minimal Tech, Berlin Techno & Deep Tech Roots.


50 Presets X 4.8 MBs


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