SA KICK 2 Plugin Presets

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Sample Track


50 Sonic Academy KICK 2 Plugin – Kick Presets sculpted and crafted with RAW Loops Kick drum sounds for the ultimate deep smacking drum samples perfect for all electronic genres. The illusive powerhouse of any dance track is the bass drum and these presets give you a multitude of options along with this plugins extremely powerful sculpting abilities.



Kick Presets – 50 powerful kick drum presets for the KICK 2 plugin from Sonic Academy, tweaked and layered for extra weight and snap.

*Please Note: This sample pack only contains the alternating Kick Presets for Sonic Academy Kick 2 Plugin. The percussion and top end in the audio demo are from our sample pack Techno Code.


50 KICK 2 Plugin Presets X 48.6 MBs

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