Power Drum Hits

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Packed with 542 warm & hard-hitting drum sounds from bottom-heavy kicks, cracking snares, crunchy hats, juiced-up percs, twisted fx noises, claps, rides, & more. Stripped one-shot betaking kit for creating all forms of electronic music from jackin’ tech house to dark techno these sounds cover all your sampler needs and are sculpted for maximum impact, color, tones & textures.



Kicks – 77 club-ready kicks, from pure sub-smackers to discofied rarities, to suit everything from deep house to mainroom techno.

Percs – 80 assorted percussion hits, from pushed unique drum machine hits and to live conga sounds spaced out for a fresh sound-shape.

FX – 95 synth percussive fx bending hits

Claps – 84 crunchy claps, from uber-wide multi-claps and tight single claps through to layered, drum machine and processed claps.

HiHats – 75 Open & closed hats from both live and machine sources.

Snares – 56 snares in an array of flavours: live, drum machine, layered, vinyl-infused.

Shakers – 18 machine shakers for the true techno shaker sound.

Cymbals – 57 crashes & rides.


ALL One-Shots are 24 bit wav files

542 Sounds X 158.5 MBs

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