NI Massive Deep Tech SYN

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102 presets for NI Massive of deep & tech synth sounds. Broken down into bass, synths, pads, keys, & sequences these sounds are sure to bring you tracks up to todays standards of music production with a real slinky sound & high manipulative ability.  Everything from more percussive sounding bass and keys, to modern synths, sub-smackers, beautifully dark pads, & more.

Packed with 20 Bass, 29 Keys, 16 Pads, 6 Seqs, and 31 Synth Leads all divided into five separate banks for easy navigation, the collection caters to all your NI Massive needs with deep, wide, and detailed sounds.


*Please Note: The collection is compatible with all versions of NI Massive v1.40 and higher (PC and Mac). Users using an older version of Massive may experience some problems. Further, the audio demo contains a kick drum & hi-hat samples NOT included in this collection. This pack contains Native Instruments Massive presets & MIDI Files only.

102 NI Massive Presets X 4.2 MBs

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