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Logic FX Strips built for mixing your records elements. 25 Total FX chains for your varied tracks, including preset FX settings for mixing kicks, snares, hats, percs & bass within Apple’s Logic Pro DAW.


Kick – 5 FX chains to add-on punch, snap, and thwack to your kick drums

Snare – 5 channel strips to add length or tighten claps and snare to sit them in your grooves.

Hat – 5 fx setting to enhance your hats and push them forward.

Bass – 5 low end driver presets to push energy into your bass lines.

Perc – 5 perc chains to lift and lock your percussion loops.


*Please Note: We recommend using Logic X with these channel strip settings, compatibility with Logic 9 is possible but not guaranteed. The audio demo is a constant before and after with 4 bars dry and 4 bars wet, the sounds in the demo are from our sample packs Berlin Techno & Analog Tech Patterns.

25 Logic FX Chains X 1.5 MBs

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