Delay FX Suite Ableton RAXX

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27 Ableton Racks from straight-up to tripped out delay style FX.  Delay FX Suite – Ableton Racks, is designed with track creation in mind to manipulate lead sounds, tops, percs, vocals & more with flowing automation throughout the arrangement of your tracks.

From analog delay emulations, glitch & beat repeat style fx, pitch benders, resonators, & many more delay style morphing techniques to take your sounds to the ultimate ear candy experience for your listeners. These 27 Ableton Racks will intensify your tracks with subtle nuances and happy accidents, sure to be a staple in your arsenal of goto delay tricks.



Ableton FX Racks – 27 Ableton FX Racks, completely designed to manipulate sounds for the ultimate track arrangement experience. Automation is a must for the most interesting and unexpected morphing!

*Note: Ableton Live 9 is needed to use these Ableton FX Racks.

27 Ableton Racks X 2.7 MBs

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