Deep City House

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Musical Deep House elements set for the more emotional and vibey tone of the underground. A total of 191 loops, Deep City House touches on the latest sound of the urban side of things, packed with musical  deep sub basslines, pushing syncopated tops, deep synth lead lines, lush emotional pad chord progressions and heavy-hitting percussion grooves.



Bass Loops – 17 layered-down baselines for groove and depth to your sound.

Music Loops – 19 melodic melters and leftfield leads built for a vibey essence.

Percussion Loops – 26 authentic percussive rhythms expertly re-sequenced for the dancefloor.

Top Loops – 34 kick-free tops loaded with unique machine and organic hits.  Just add a kick for instant deep house flavor

Pad Loops – 18 Deep House chord progressions, ripe to add that touch of musicality & emotion to your next record

Beat Loops – 40 flowing workouts packed with a subtle blend of synthetic and organic elements. Offered in full & stripped versions for total beat control.

Raw Kicks – 20 fresh Bass Heavy kick loops for fast programming.

Vocal Loops – 17 grainy, glitched and re-worked vocal loops packed with a deep soulful vibe.


All samples are offered as industry-standard 24-bit Wavs @ 121 Bpm

191 Total Loops X 425.7 MBs

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