d16 PunchBox Presets

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Audio Demo


50 d16 PunchBox – Kick Presets designed and built for real world use, clean thick sounding kick drums tuned with a subwoofer for club ready thump for all electronic genres. The most important element of any dance track is your kick drum, these presets were built from the ground up for ready to cut through any mix.



Kick Presets – 50 powerful kick drum presets for the PunchBox plugin from d16, tweaked and layered for extra weight and snap.

*Please Note: This sample pack only contains the alternating Kick Presets for the d16 PunchBox Plugin. The percussion and top end in the audio demo are from our sample pack Techno Fundamentals. Version 1.0.2 & above is recommended.


50 PunchBox Plugin Presets X 1.4 MBs

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