90’s Drums

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1,200 Raw & Uncut drum hit samples from the bumpin’ 90’s. The era of hard hitting low-mids, great tones, fresh snares, digital and organic percussion, crunchy hi-hats is re-introducing itself in the deepest corners of the underground. 90’s Drums packs in a massive selection of choice one shot kicks, snares, hats, congas, toms, bongos, shakers, ethnic sounds, cymbals, and much more for the ground-up producer/beat makers.



Kicks – 249 cracking kicks, with that special mid-tone layer reminiscent of the special 90s beats.

Percs – 485 mixed percussion ranging from latin to african, analog machine to digital drum machine, from top to mid to low end sounds.

Snares – 319 mega snares, from drum machines, tape machined. vinyl chops, disco, and more.

Hats – 186 grungy hats from a time which represented a thick top end.

Cymbals – 30 classic rides and crashes.


ALL One-Shots are 24 bit wav files

1269 Drum Sounds X 187.8 MBs

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