909 SHUFFLE Ableton MIDI

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Entering a new age of techno & house, this once classic shuffle is now a ‘modern’ staple for underground producers again. So we’ve decided to bring you the true swing and feel of the infamous Roland TR909 down to the millisecond right in your DAW.

We’ve been using many swings from the new DAW swings, akai emulated swings, & many others but the 909 shuffle is by far our favorite. We went and put it together matching the beats shuffle so precisely until they started phasing with the original 909 on our desk. With this pack you can get the proper 909 groove and now take it even further with your own sounds.



909 Shuffles – 1 thru 7 (Ableton Ready Grooves)

909 Shuffles – 1 thru 7 (MIDI – For use in All other DAWs)

*Note: Ableton Live 9 is needed to use the Ableton Grooves, for all other versions & DAWs please use the MIDI folder & import according to your DAWs manual. Also, their is no audio demo to prevent groove extraction.

14 Ableton Grooves 14 MIDI Files X 7.7 MBs

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