Platinum producer and award winning sound designer DECAP introduces a brand new plugin KNOCK.  According to DECAP the effect plugin was inspired by his sample pack DRUMS THAT KNOCK by combining every technique he uses to create hard hitting drums into a single plugin.

Upon our review of the plugin we believe he achieved his goal in essentially providing a Swiss Army Knife drum enhancer.  Knock is an excellent tool to make your drums more impactful and forward in the mix.

The Details:

KNOCK offers a simple and intuitive design great for a speedy workflow, keeping you zoned in on creativity and less on technicalities.  The main section of the plugin consists of 5 character knobs: Punch, Saturate, Sub, Air, & Clip.  Just below are some finer features: Dry/Wet, HP/LP Filter, In/Out Levels, Tone Shaper, Oversampling, and a well thought-out Gain Match feature (why more plugin developers don’t add this simple yet extremely important feature still confuses us).

PUNCH: A nice transient shaper which adds attack to the upper frequencies of your sounds.

SATURATE: Harmonic Distortion with 3 different drive types.

SUB: Low frequency sine wave generator with key labelled frequency adjustment.

AIR: Dual mode Air-band enhancer with a vintage and clean selector.

CLIP: User adjustableHard/Soft Llipper to add crunch to your drums.

In conclusion, we feel KNOCK delivers what it claims and we recommend you consider it for your next plugin purchase. Sidenote: while KNOCK is intended for drums we encourage experimentation!

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