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Producer & DJ Santos astounds year after year with his diverse and consistently inspiring productions, showing that if you’ve got the raw talent, you can indeed be a jack of all trades and master of all of them too. He’s one of those people whose creativity seems to know no bounds and needs to be indulged constantly. His quirky 2000 breakthrough track Camels remains an unforgettable and unique classic, and in the years that have passed since then he’s released three acclaimed solo artist albums and the huge anthem Hold Home in 2009. To date, he’s released some 400 tracks under a myriad of aliases (such as Maskio, Class 71, Smoke Maschine, Peter Katafalk, Bellone and Sohante), and he is executive producer for the likes of Timo Maas, Mutant Clan and Los Veteranos, plus co-producer for the likes of Alex Dolby, Giorgio Roma and Trouble Soup (with Madox – now better known as Riva Starr).

You won’t find many producers who keep themselves relevant over the years in such a dynamic and exciting way, as oppose to simply following the crowd and jumping on the latest musical bandwagon. The list of supporting DJs is quite frankly ridiculous – Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice, Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Carl Craig, Ellen Allien, Jesse Rose, Shlomi Aber, Lee Curtiss, Deetron, Slam, Bushwacka!, Karotte and Till Von Sein to name just a few. What’s the secret to his myriad successes and ever-young sound then? It’s quite simple: “ignore the trends and do the opposite of what the market says”.

We sat down with the man himself for a short and detailed artist interview:

1.Can you please tell the readers a little bit about yourself and your background in the industry?

Ciao belli, i`m Santos (Sante Pucello), Italian producer and DJ. My first release was back in 1994, after that I have produced over 600 releases on many electronic dance labels as well as producing for a lot people and bands.

2.Take us through your studio set up?

Since I started (more then 20 years ago) I have bought a lot of equipment ( Yes I have that kind of fever .. I like to buy everything, past, present and future machines ). I think the good thing is I never sell my stuff. For this reason today I have a good collection of equipment in my studio with the right balance between analog & digital stuff. Yes, I like the hybrid studio with analog and digital working together. So the first thing to have is a GOOD computer, were I am running Cubase and of course Ableton Live plus some virtual stuff and plugs. These days i`m having fun being a beta tester for Bitwig.

For mixing I have an analog / digital mixer table. To go into detail I have customized a mixtable where the digital section is a Tascam dm4800 and then adding some analog independent channels strips plus analog processors (Manley,Siemens,Tla,Focusrite,Neve,SSl etc) and having the summing through 16 channels dangerous audio unit with a Apogee converter back to the computer. For the creativity I have some drum machines,synths as I mentioned earlier…I would say a nice collection 🙂

3.What is your favorite piece of equipment to use in the studio right now and why?

At moment i`m having fun with the Elektron machine drum. I`m loving the trig in the machine giving the chance to program very organic grooves or patterns chopping samples imported in the machine or just using the internal sounds generators and then triggering the parts the results are fantastic. You have a 16 step sequencer and the loop sounds always different. Talking about virtuals, my favorite piece is Reaktor, for me it’s still the highest quality and creative virtual out there.

4.What do you think of analog vs digital in the studio?

As I have mentioned earlier i’m the type of person who loves the mix both categories because for me it`s essential to create different levels of work therefore giving different levels to the sounds to the track. One day my inspiration may come from a freeware synth and the next day from the moog or from a sample library.

5.What one piece of advice would you give to new producers starting out? words of wisdom.

Four years ago I made a house anthem called “Hold Home” using a loop for 11 minutes and 45 seconds with adding some 909 kick drum,clap,snare fills but 99% of the this track was a sampled loop going on and on based 99% on a computer. Recently I produced a track with Riva Starr using only analog stuff: 1 Akaii sampler s950 plus a Roland 909 with a Roland sequencer so without sequencer software running on a computer (of course then I recorded the master the computer). The track it`s huge and will be released June 22nd 2015 on Hot Creations. So i`m saying that for the reason your creativity is without limits. You can use the best mixer on this planet with the most amazing collection of analog stuff and produce shit music or good i don’t know or you can use a laptop with headphones and produce amazing music..depends from the soul, depends if you have the magic touch and of course you need to put a lot of passion with love. You can win or you can loose but if you love it and if it`s the reason of your life? welcome to the best fever i know. 🙂


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