Roman lindau interview

Music has always coursed through Roman Lindau’s blood. Even if he weren’t the accomplished producer and respected DJ he is today, the German audiophile would still be giving over all his time to the art form. “I’m a music junkie. I need music to live” he states. “For me it’s the elixir of life.”

Roman spends his days shaping the nu-school electronic landscape alongside pals Mike Dehnert and Sascha Rydell with their Fachwerk imprint. One of the most prominent Berlin labels of recent times, it consistently deals in heavy techno sounds that are doused in dub and finished with an analogue authenticity which set them apart from the crowd.

When producing on his own, the results are tracks like ‘Raumgestaltung’, which appeared on Len Faki’s Berghain 03; ‘Keppra’ which appeared on Ben Klock’s Berghain 04 mix (and on the Berghain 04 vinyl release which also features Martyn), dance floor smasher ´Simplicity´, ´Crasse´‚ ´Rave On´ and many more which get regularly charted by the likes of DJ´s Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing etc….His place amongst the Ostgut Ton techno elite is well deserved.


1.Can you please tell the readers a little bit about yourself and your background in the industry?

Hi, I´m Roman Lindau DJ, Producer & Music Junkie from Berlin with Music/Remixes on Fachwerk (Keymember), Ostgut Ton, CLR, NRK, Echocord, and many more.


2.Take us through your studio set up?

My Studio consits of a iMac running with Ableton Live and Logic with various VST´s, plus Roland Integra 7, Akai MPC, Nord Lead A1 and a UAD Satellite Fire wire DSP. In addition to that I work with the Controller PUSH and some Controller from Akai. Over the years I built my own Sample Library, but I also use of course the great variety of sounds from Waveform Recordings and Raw Loops!


3.What is your favorite piece of equipment to use in the studio right now and why?

My favorite piece of gear has to be the UAD. I´m on fire with some effects, for example the Moog Filter! Its an amazing filter tool plug in!


4.What do you think of analog vs digital in the studio?

At the moment a lot of people come back to analog stuff and say, ‘hey look at my studio I have a lot of analog equipment – I´m a real Producer.’ Often when I listen to it,  the sound is cold, soulless and without any character.

In the past I also worked more analog, but I lost myself often. One day with the development in digital producing I began to sample all my stuff and the workflow for me is much better now.

To be honest, it is not a question of what you use! The ideas and creativity comes from your mind and not from the machines 😉


5.What one piece of advice would you give to new producers starting out? words of wisdom.

There is no secret formula! Take time to find out what works for you. Please don´t waste a lot of money to buy everything people recommend you. Less is sometimes more! Work with limits and you’ll find out how creative you can be 😉



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