Frequency is just as powerful a tool for creating movement as a notor chord progression.  The clever use of filters, EQ’s and effects can result in superb and thrilling changes that help make the listener’s journey a memorable one. Isnt that what its all about?  Whether you’re using this technique on drums or instruments, when done properly rather than being overdone, one can seduce the listener. Here’s something for you to try:

Let’s take a simple 4/4 hihat pattern, insert a filter effect on the track and at the same time have two effect sends set up, a delay on one and a reverb on the other. Add a filter as an insert and set it up so you can utilize the square touchpad style interface and easily have smooth transitions from one spectrum to another. Now open up the reverb send so you have the hihats sounding like they’re in a cathedral. Set up the delay according to your rhythmic preferences. Now assign all functions pertaining to the tracks and VST functions to your favorite controller. It’s just not the same using a mouse, you need knobs and faders!

First record yourself playing with the filter while your loops plays.You’ll see that during the calm of the track, its better to have the filter smoothly transition and during the peak times it is cool to have the filter quickly move from one extreme to the next. Now record yourself opening and closing the effect sends of your sample while playing with the intensity levels of the reverb and delay. Again, smooth when building and crazy when peaking. EXPERIMENT with this and see what works best for you.

This same approach can be applied to any instrument or human voice. These effects remain sort’ve subliminal to most people as your average listener doesnt know about or understand this side of audio. For most people its about what the instruments and vocals are doing. Frequency adds depth, movement and emotion to the equation and when it is done with finesse and passion, it takes the track to new magical places!


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